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Client Challenge: EB-5 Regional Center Amendment


The Washington Regional Center, an approved regional center was looking for consulting and a rapid "turnkey" solution to model and write a business plan to fund an additional project. They had self-performed their planning and writing in the past but needed to expedite the process. They also had internal day-to-day activities that kept them too busy to construct the plan.


Xecute Solution


We expedited and modeled a Matter of HO compliant business plan that was included in the amendment. We provided consulting for the ongoing activities of the regional center.


The Result


We improved quality, shortened the project time line and reduced cost for the amendment.


Client Testimonial


"Bernard is an expert in developing EB-5 business plans that deal with complex regulatory compliance issues. He provides constructive analysis, comprehensive project descriptions and on-time delivery so that business developers can focus on achieving strategic goals. I appreciate Bernard’s insights and fine work." October, 18 2012


Maxwell Chang, Foreign Investment Executive, Washington Regional Center 

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