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Client: Green Technologies USA

Client Challenge - Expansion into the Americas


Green Technologies USA, a cutting edge technology company based in the Netherlands, did not have prior representation in the Americas and wanted to expand.


The Xecute Solution


Xecute negotiated  the Americas territory agreement for Green Technologies USA and managed the acquisition of raw materials, equipment, site selection, warehousing, testing lab and production facility. We facilitated internal strategy and planning meetings to develop a long-term business plan for the client. 


The Result


Xecute completed and delivered the business plan to the partners and chairman of the board.


Client Testimonial


“I had the opportunity to work with Bernard during the start-up of my business. I learned a lot from him working side by side and following his experienced way of doing business. He is a very talented and goal oriented business man with exceptional knowledge in what he does.” 
March 7, 2011


Francisco Alvarez, COO, Aqua Resins Technologies Inc.

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