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Strategic Business

Planning & Modeling

Strategic Business Planning


We analyze and map your business model and then help you develop a process of defining strategy and direction for making decisions about allocating your organization's resources to develop and execute your plan, including capital and people. Our proven business analysis techniques are used in strategic planning. This is the formal consideration of your organization's future course. In order to determine where your organization is going, we help determine where you want to go and how you will get there. The resulting document is called the "Strategic Business Plan."


Business Modeling


Through our workshop and research we can understand what your business model actually is. This way we can describe how your organization creates, delivers and captures value in an aligned fashion. We then question, challenge and ultimately transform your model. We will define a better model that will describe how your organization intends to make money. The resulting document is called the "Business Model Canvas". These services offer the following major benefits:


  • Creates a common focus and a sense of motivation and ownership.

  • Establishes a clear message to create a partnership, raise equity or place debt.

  • Clearly establishes operating challenges and obstacles.

  • Defines specific operating and staff development initiatives essential for growth.

  • Focuses on the importance of serving both the internal and external customer.

  • Establishes financial operating goals.

  • Defines operating priorities.

  • Benchmarks your marketing and sales strategies against your competition.

  • Provides for the basis of a stronger relationship with your lenders.

  • Creates a definition for success and longevity.


Darin Mangum, 


Darin H. Mangum, PLLC

Bernard was invaluable in getting final approval from USCIS for Southern Star Regional Investment Center LLC’s designation as an 

EB-5 regional center.

Samuel B. Silverman
Managing Partner, 

EB5 Affiliate Network

Bernard’s team was professional and delivered ahead of schedule, a welcome surprise in the EB-5 space where project documentation tends to drag on much longer than anticipated.

Paul Scheuren
Managing Partner and Economist at Impact DataSource

As EB-5 economists, we understand how important having an experienced, knowledgeable, and affable business plan writer can be to the success of an

application  or petition.

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