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Client Challenge - Business Planning


An industrial manufacturing company contacted us to help them through the economic downturn by drafting and implementing an updated business plan and strategy. This was to overcome the lack of blanket orders and the changes in the business environment.


The Xecute Solution


Xecute wrote a five-year business plan and formulated a strategy to reduce cost, secure orders and improve efficiencies. In addition, we took an interim executive position to implement the plan for a lower cost than a permanent position.

Client Testimonial


Bernard has consulted for us and taken an interim VP of Operations role from November ‘08 to the present. Bernard is like having a trusted and highly skilled partner on your team. He has delivered a written strategic business plan that he not only developed, but is executing along with our team. We have seen increases in revenue of over 35% and our efficiencies are improving. This man can sell! His communication skills and relationship building skills with customers and employees alike are very impressive. He has helped in our team development and has brought us momentum in a difficult business environment. We are happy to have chosen Bernard’s work and can’t wait to see more of the positive results in the future.” February 25, 2009


Top Qualities: Great results, expert, high integrity


Bob Arnett, Owner, PSI Automation

Hired Bernard as a business consultant in 2008 

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